I am a queer Ecuadorian feminist filmmaker, youth mentor and farmer living in Portland, Oregon. I started making films because I wanted to see myself and my experience as a human being represented in the media. With my films, I aim to explore the connection between being alive,  loving/relationships and death. Being a brown woman taking up space with my voice and my story is the most radical thing I can do. In recent years, my focus has been on using the tools gathered along my path to support and mentor youth. I believe that supporting, listening and encouraging youth to tell their stories is a powerful path toward creating a more fair and just society. Every aspect between my filmmaking, mentoring, and farming is influenced by feminism and love. They are all inevitably intertwined and always aimed at empowering myself and others to take up space in places we are often excluded from and create worlds where more kindness, love, justice, and awareness can exist.